July 9, 2019 0 min to read

A Fun Way to Learn Maths!

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Do you know that feeling when you like something one year and then you don’t like it the next year? That is what had happened to me with liking Maths, later I found a game that lets you play with friends and adventure out, but at the same time do maths! That game was called Prodigy! It lets you have the capability to have fun with maths for all years. Based on magical wizards that fight creatures and receive different equipment. You can help them save their world from the dark wizard’s magic.

Want to go get started on your magical adventure? Go to https://www.prodigygame.com/Play/ and make your free account today. The Wizarding World of maths awaits you.


Play in different worlds
Customise your character
Choose and attack
Answer the question to attack the monster
Level up your characters
Get cool prizes

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