How to Create Your Own Aesthetic Widgets on Android 1

QiYi Sail W Review | Best Budget Cube

The QiYi Sail W is one of the many budget speedcubes out there. This cube perform exceptionally well with some occasional lock ups. If your looking to buy a budget speedcube then you must buy this one! It’s cheap, fast and will do the job for beginner and even advance speedcubers. I would classify my …

Paladins Drawings
Drawing Entertainment

Line Art + Colour

In Digital Art, one of the most important things is Line Art. Line Art is when you outline your drawing to make it stand out! Although I am just a beginner and learning more and more each day, I am practising every day to get better at Digital Art and Sketching. Tip: When you add …

Barik Unstoppable
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Drawing Baby Mario On Krita

The holidays have arrived and I have picked up the hobby of drawing/ sketching! In the video below I did some digital art using Krita! Krita is a free software which allows you to draw, sketch, paint and a lot more other things, in one place. Krita is very similar to Adobe Photoshop, except Krita …

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Are video games addictive?

Now that everyone has free time, people have turned to playing video games. It makes sense that they would but are those games addictive if so there could be consequences? In this post you will found out how video games could be addictive and how to prevent this from happening to you or your friends …



Even though COVID-19 has taken control of our lives, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected with the ones we love! Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak loads of different companies have made online video conference type of apps and websites and some have been here for a long time. Some of them include: -Skype (The …