Paladins Drawings
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Paladins Drawings

Over the past few days, I have had some time to draw a few champions from Paladins on Autodesk Sketchbook. Paladins is an online co-op game which I play on my Nintendo switch. Check out these posts for some more information: Down below is 3 champions that I drew (Pip, Mal’Damba and Androxus).

Paladins Rank
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Paladins Ranked

Paladins RANKED- Journey into the battle to be the best player there is! Play together in parties and destroy the opponents. Play in the best quality with competitive players. Start by playing 5 matches of ranked, then get sorted into either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master or the highest rank Grandmaster! My journey so …

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Pokemon Art/Drawing Gallery

While trying to draw some images for the website Scratch I decided to draw some Pokemon! Down below are 5 of the Pokemon drawings I did using Sketchpad 5.1:

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Pokemon Hat
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Want to take a look at my Scratch project that includes these pictures? If so go to and check it out!

Do want to do drawings like these? If you do go to and start drawing!

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Scratch is a website platform that let’s you interact with the coding world! It allows you to interact with block-base visual programming which makes it easier for people like me to understand in a clear way! On Scratch you can make cool projects using the coding blocks and view other peoples work! If you would …

paitent 1
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Paladins Gameplay

Paladins is a first and third person hero fighter, that is fighting for the realm. Each champion is categories by their talents. There are Damages, Front Lines, Flanks and Support. A good team will have all four of these categories and they work great together. In the video below i’m playing Paladins with a champion …