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July 27, 2019 0 min to read

Three Dynasty Kingdom- Chapter 1 The Beginning

Category : Stories, Entertainment

Centuries ago there were three kingdoms, Humans, Dragons and Beasts. All three had been fighting for ages until the king of the humans told his mages to put a barrier curse so no Beast and Dragons could come ever, since then each had been separated by the magical curse. It has always been like this even till today, but legends has it that in the dragon kingdom there are 5 crystals each for 1 worthy enough to get. Whoever obtains all will be ruler to all three kingdoms. Three of the crystals have gone to 3 legendary human soldiers leaving 2 more to go. Dragons and Humans have made a truce they are now working together. The humans are trying to finding two more worthy people like the beasts are trying to do, and it’s hard for them…

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