April 24, 2020 1 min to read

Is COVID-19 changing our lives for the better or the worse?

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Our lives have been changing rapidly, trying to obey with the new rules, not seeing our families and friends, but the question is will COVID-19 change our lives for the better or the worse?

We have adapted into our new society mostly staying home every day, to me that seems quite bad. We are not going to get the sunlight we need unless we go outside, we are starting to get lazy since all we are doing is staying home. Since some people are not doing some sort of exercise would the world start to become obese? Yes, if you do some sort of exercise everday then your safe, but the others?

Now that was all the negatives and there is a bright side. Since students have been doing online-schooling for about a month, it seems to be normal. Yes we don’t get to see our friends and teachers in person, but I see potential in this. Students could potentially be home-schooled! Yes there are positives and negatives to this situation but it COULD happen. Since not many people are on the road anymore, we haven’t been polluting as much as we did before COVID-19. Look at China there pollution rate has dropped down since COVID-19 started. This could prevent Global Warming!

As our lives keep changing we will keep adapting ever so often. We will get through this and our lives could change for the better and the worse.

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