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Paladins Drawings
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Line Art + Colour

In Digital Art, one of the most important things is Line Art. Line Art is when you outline your drawing to make it stand out! Although I am just a beginner and learning more and more each day, I am practising every day to get better at Digital Art and Sketching. Tip: When you add …

Barik Unstoppable
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Drawing Baby Mario On Krita

The holidays have arrived and I have picked up the hobby of drawing/ sketching! In the video below I did some digital art using Krita! Krita is a free software which allows you to draw, sketch, paint and a lot more other things, in one place. Krita is very similar to Adobe Photoshop, except Krita …

Paladins Drawings
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Paladins Drawings

Over the past few days, I have had some time to draw a few champions from Paladins on Autodesk Sketchbook. Paladins is an online co-op game which I play on my Nintendo switch. Check out these posts for some more information: Down below is 3 champions that I drew (Pip, Mal’Damba and Androxus).

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Pokemon Art/Drawing Gallery

While trying to draw some images for the website Scratch I decided to draw some Pokemon! Down below are 5 of the Pokemon drawings I did using Sketchpad 5.1:

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Pokemon Hat
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Want to take a look at my Scratch project that includes these pictures? If so go to and check it out!

Do want to do drawings like these? If you do go to and start drawing!

It must be magic 3
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An Art Experiment

While I was on Sketchpad I experimented with a tool called Mirror Brush. The mirror brush works just like a mirror, mirroring what you do in many different directions. I started trying with different colours and it turned at nice, so I used many different colours in that one picture. Down below are just some …