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Why You Should Get Minecraft Education #IwantMinecraftEducation

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Minecraft Education lets you play in a fun and educational way! Using Minecraft Education you can enhance your:

Social and Emotional Skills- Some kids can be quiet shy, but with Minecraft Education, you will have to talk and communicate with others around. Soon that kid would be the most talkative in the class.

Teamwork & Coding Skills- Jobs in the 21st Century require you to at least know how to use some sort of technology, whether that would be coding or normal everyday teamwork.

Stem Skills- When playing with Minecraft Education you have to think logically. STEM develops critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, communication, collaboration, self-directing and creativity thinking!

21st Century Skills- In the 21st Century creative thinking and problem-solving. With Minecraft Education, you will be able to develop these skills in no time!

All these skills will help you prepare for the future and make sure that you have the skills that everyone in the 21st century needs.

If you want to get Minecraft Education to go here: https://education.minecraft.net/get-started/.

Happy learning! #Iwantminecrafteducation

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