April 27, 2020 2 min to read

Are video games addictive?

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Now that everyone has free time, people have turned to playing video games. It makes sense that they would but are those games addictive if so there could be consequences? In this post you will found out how video games could be addictive and how to prevent this from happening to you or your friends and family!

Before we start talking about how video games are addictive we need to understand what addiction means and what happens? Addiction is when you are influenced by an engaging activity. When it starts to get out of control and you do it for a long period of time it starts to become an addiction. If it gets out of control it is best to seek help and support to stop it before it gets worst.

We all got to admit that at one part of our lives we loved playing a video game. You would probably spend hours playing it with your friends and family. Staring at the screen for too long could potentially affect your eyesight, which may cost you to saying bye-bye to video games. If you want to keep playing those fun video games you need to take a break in between or play for a certain amount of time. Yes, when playing games you could do it for hours without knowing how many minutes have gone by but if you put a timer you can immediately stop!

Losing track of time is very common when playing video games but even losing track of sleep is worse! Sleep is very important, if you don’t get enough sleep then the next day you could be lazy or you may sleep for so long. If you play video games until 1:00 in the morning and you have to wake up at 8:00am then you technically haven’t slept at all. On average children should sleep for about 8-10 hours a day, adults have to sleep for 7-9 hours. You may become un-healthy and your mental health will decrease. To prevent look outside every few minutes to check if it dark outside if it does start to get dark check the time!

We can say that games are addictive and if we do not keep track on the time then there could be consequences. If you feel like you are playing video games for to long, step outside, even if it is just at your porch. Stay there for minutes and breath! You can even goo for a little walk around your neighbourhood or a bike ride.

To conclude: Yes, games are addictive but we can prevent that to make sure it isn’t so addictive. Setting a time limit helps, and making sure that you aren’t playing for long periods of time helps. If it does start to become an addiction then seek help and support, there are always people willing to help! Talk a break every now and then and make sure to go outside to get some exercise. Make sure to always keep your eyes on the time. If you don’t think you can do that get some to remind you it will help!

Stay safe everyone during these times and maybe just play a little bit of video games… for not to long or this post was for nothing! 🙂

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