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Being Patient Video By Jayden – using Powtoon

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This video tells you will not get something straight away, you need to be patient. Watch this and see the women being patient.

She walked  out of the office and I said “What is wrong?”

She replied, “I just lost the job.”

That night she was on the computer for a long time. Trying to find a job. Then she found one.

She screamed, “I found a job in the city!”

The next day she was interviewed. She wasn’t looking pleasant.

I asked “Did you get the job?”

She replied “no.”

That night she was on the computer again.

She screamed out “I found a job nearby!”

When I finished work, I walked into the office that she got interviewed in and waited.

Then she came out happier then I had in mine and I said: “Did you-”

“Yes!” she screamed. We walked back home for dinner. She was very happy and told everyone. The End

Being Patient

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