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July 14, 2017 1 min to read

Go! Go! Jay

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Today was Jay’s second gym battle and he was ready.”I’m going to earn the water badge today.”, said Jay to Luke and Erik. Luke says “Why not we try to do two gyms so you earn two badges?” Jay says “Why not?” Everyone went to the first gym, it was the water gym. Haky Maty was waiting with his water Pokemon and then the battle began. The battle was ferrous. Jay was so stressed he wanted to pass out but Frogadier didn’t. Jay still kept going and going with awesome friends that cheered him on. Jay won the battle. Jay went to the next gym the fire gym. He got Frogadier out (again) and battled Yoku Mat Ay. Jay was very stressed now and he almost passed out. He kept going and going until he couldn’t handle it anymore. Everyone was shocked that Jay didn’t want to continue. Jay went home and he had a big rest and forgot about what happened. The next morning Jay was all pumped up. He went to the gym without eating breakfast. Yoku Mat Ay says “Are you ready to battle.” Jays says ” i am ready”. The battle began (again). Meanwhile Erik and Luke was looking for Jay. Erik says “Maybe he is at gym battling.” Luke says “Yeah he might be. Let’s go.” They all went and when they came in they started to cheer him on. Then he won. This was his last badge that he needed. That meant that Jay had to travel to a different country. Jay went back home. Till next time. The End.DSC 0037

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