Yesterday I did a cartoon video on Powtoon. It was about what it is like being late to school and what might happen. It was really fun, but tricky too. This is the website to go for creating videos Here is my video, hope you like it:  

“Good morning,” said grandma.

“Good morning,” said dad.

“Jayden will be late for school if you don’t go now,” grandma told dad.

“OK, lets go,” said dad.

I was not happy about it at all. We caught up with mum and she was holding a burger.

Mum yelled “Your lunch and hurry!”

I ran to my class and saw my teacher and my friends.

“Jayden you are late,” she said angrily.

At the end of school I saw my sister

My sister said “I told you were going to be late.”

Next time I am not going to be late. By doing that I need to sleep early.

The End


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