September 13, 2017 1 min to read

Jay shows Jayden how to catch his first Pokemon in Australia

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This morning when everyone woke up nice and early Jay wanted to catch his first Pokemon here in Australia. So they got changed and went out to find a Pokemon.

“I know just the place to catch good Pokemon.”, said Jayden.

“Let us go then,” said Jay.

Jayden says “Here we are.”

“Wow! That is a lot of Pokemon”, said Jay.

“There sure is. So what Pokemon do you want to catch?”, said Amy.

Jay says “That one.”

Ben says “Gliglar”.

“Yep!”, said Jay.

“But what Pokemon are you going to use to attack it?”, said Jayden.

Jay says “Frogadier.”

Olivia says “What type of Pokemon is that?”

Jay says “Don’t you remember?”

“Nope”, said Olivia.

Olivia says “Oh! I remember now.”

Jayden says “Are you sure you want to catch that Pokemon?”

Jay says ” I am sure.”

Jayden says “OK.”

Jay says “Frogadier come out and use water pulse.”

Jay says “Time to catch Gliglar. Poke-ball go.”

Jayden says “Wow! Just by one move, you can catch it.”

Jay says “Yep!”

Jessie says “Look at that. Jay has caught a Pokemon.”

James says “Why don’t we steal it for yourself.”

Meowth says “Does it mean I have to attack?”

James and Jessie┬ásay “Yes!”

Jessie says “Meowth use slash.”

Amy and Olivia say “Look out!”

Jayden says “Charizard come out and use Flamethrower.”

Amy says ” Cherubi use tackle.”

Olivia says “Emolga use Thundershock.”

Team Rocket says ” We are blasting off again.

Jay says ” Thanks, everyone. Nice Pokemon Olivia.”

Olivia says” Thanks!”

Jay says “Jayden your Charizard has grown stronger.”

Jayden says ” He sure has.”

Jay says ” Amy your Pokemon looks yummy.”

Amy says “You better not.”

Everyone went back home. Feeling happy. To be continued…

The End


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