What to hear some hilarious jokes? Well you came to the right place. Read these jokes and go ha ha ha.

Joke 1. Why don’t you give Elsa a balloon? Ansew: She will “let it go”.

Joke 2. Why did Cinderella get thrown out of the football game? Ansew: She kept running away from the Ball.

Joke 3. What goes ho ho plop? Ansew: Santa Claus laughing his head of.

Joke 4. Why did the muddy chicken cross the road twice? Ansew: Because it was a dirty double crosser.

Joke 5. Where do fish keep their money? Ansew: In a river bank!

Joke 6. What has five heads and five tails? Ansew: Five coins.

Did you laugh your heads of with these jokes. Come back for more next time. See ya.DSC 0004

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