September 13, 2017 0 min to read

So Long Japan Hello Australia

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Today Jayden had to leave Japan.

Jay says “I’m going to miss you Japan.”

Erik says “And I’m going to miss you.”

Luke says “I sure am going to miss you,”

Jayden says “I’m going to miss you too,”

They drove Jayden to the airport and said goodbye. Jayden went into his aeroplane and of he went to Australia. When he arrived he bumped into his sisters and brothers. There was Amy, Holly, Ben, Jay, Olivia and John.

John says “Long time no see. How are you?”.

Jayden says “Great!”.

Holly says “Jayden has been practising a lot and he just caught a new Pokemon.”

Amy says “And I just caught a Buneary, look.”

Jayden says “Wow! It looks very fluffy.”

Ben says “Why can’t I and Holly catch any Pokemon?”

Jay says “You have to be at least 6 to catch your first Pokemon”

Ben says “Now Holly and I are very cross.”.

Jay says “Why not we stop talking and get back home?”

Everyone says “Yeah?”.

Jayden, his sisters and his brothers went back home and had dinner. Everyone was so happy that Jayden came back home. Till next time. To be continued…IMGP0281

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