It must be magic 11

April 20, 2019 0 min to read

My birthday

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On the 7/11/2007, a baby was born on the year of the pig. That baby was ME, Jayden Tran!

I turned 11 on the 7 /11/2018 and had to do a great spectacular performance for my school. I performed in drama and music, all runned by great teachers. For drama, we did a play on FRANKENSTEIN. I was a villager. For music, I played on the keyboard ‘Sounds of Silence’. After that me, my family (mum, Dad, sister), Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunty went to have PIZZA and PASTA. I got wonderful presents such as a Hogwarts journal, clothes, money and a Beyblade set. We had so much food that we even got to fit in a Vegan cake(Specially made by my Aunty)! After all that we went home. It has to be the best birthday EVER!

IMG 20181107 205049
Getting ready to open my presents!
IMG 20181107 201448 e1562661465968
Getting ready to eat the Vegan Cake (specially made by my Aunty)!

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