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January 10, 2018 0 min to read

The Hard Work – Video using Powtoon

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This is another Powtoon video about two children who need help. They are helped by two older siblings to get the job done. When their mother and father come back from work they all get a little treat. Here is the video:

The two children had to do some chores, it was really hard. They worked and worked all day but still couldn’t get the job done. Just then their elder brother and sister came.

“Do you need some help?” they both asked.

“Yes please,”  we both said.

After one hour we finished the job. Just then our parents came.

“Good job kids you deserve an ice block,” they said.

Everyone was so happy they got an ice block, they went for seconds. It was the best day they have had. The Endhard workhard workhard work 1Hard work

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