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The Sydney Writers Festival

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Today on the 1/05/2019 I was gazing into a light. That light shined across to lets us see an Author! So maybe there wasn’t spot lights, but there was authors. At the Parramatta Riverside Theatre it had this amazing show called The Writers Festival! At the theatre we got to see 5 amazing authors including:

  1. Mick Elliott(MC)-The Turners
  2. Katherine Rundell-The Explorer
  3. R.A. Sparat-The Peski Kids
  4. Megan McDonald-Judy Moody
  5. Oliver Phommavanh-Thai-Riffic

Each one of them told us a lot of writing techniques which I would love to share with you!

In order to set your story you need:

  • Plot
  • Experience
  • Ideas
  • Characters

Katherine Rundell & R.A. Sparat told us some of these tips, like:

  • Going to different places helps to write.
  • Put food descriptions to enrich your book. Try the food to enrich the description.
  • You have to love the ideas to make your book better.
  • Put things you’re interested in.
  • Write things down. You will not remember everything.
  • Never let people tell you that your ideas are unlikely.
  • You need drama/conflict. Your characters need to keep fighting.

Megan McDonald & Oliver Phommavanh told us these tips too, like:

  • Take ideas from your past.
  • Research helps to improve your books.
  • Write on whatever you can use.
  • Make sure you make as much trouble as possible.
  • Your stories should be filled with fun experiences.
  • If you get stuck, jump over it by moving onto a new chapter.

Hopefully these tips by these authors can help you improve on your books/stories. The book I bought was The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell. I choose this book because it captured my eye and it sounded really cool! I even got it signed by Katherine Rundell herself!

If you are writing a book focus on these tips and keep reading!

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