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July 9, 2019 0 min to read

Xiaomi Band 3 Review

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This Xiaomi Band 3 was a present from my dad for my birthday. It has a lot of features including steps, heart rate, weather and notifications from the connected device you are using. You can also put reminders using the Mi-Fit app. It has a 50m water resistance meaning that you can take showers using it and swim with it. It also tracks your sleep whether or not you slept well or not. In order for you to access your Xiaomi Band 3, you need to connect it to a device so you can run it. Before all that you need the Mi-Fit app that you download. In the Mi-Fit app, you can add stuff to make your band better and customise it a bit. The Xiaomi Band 3 has a lot of features but one thing I think that needs to happen is to add more screens! Right now there are only 3 screens that you can choose from and I’m hoping that they would improve on that. For the rating, I give it a 4/5, as there needs a bit more improvement, but for now, it’s a great fitness tracker.

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