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June 24, 2017 1 min to read

Deep Deep Down The Water

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One sunny morning, Jay woke up and saw outside. It was flooding! He was terrified. He even saw water Pokemon like Gastrodon, Frillish and Carracosta. Luke and Erik came over by boat. They watched all the Pokemon that pasted by.

Just then he saw a Gyarados that looked like he wanted to attack us. But instead he pulled us down the water, but luckily we had our masks on. He used hydro pump at Luke, so Erik and I used our water Pokemon to stop him. “Froakie came out and uses quick attack” Jay said. Erik says “Corfish came out and uses Bubble beam” But Gyarados was too strong and he attacked. He used bite on both Corfish and Froakie. Jay says “Froakie hang in there. Froakie uses smokescreen” Just before Froakie did his move it evolved into Frogadier. “Wow! Is that what I think it is” Said Jay. Jay was so shocked he couldn’t believe his eye when he evolved. Jay tried out how strong Frogadier was. “Frogadier uses water pulse” Jay said. Gyarados got weaker. “Frogadier uses double team and then use bubble” Jay said. Gyarados swam away and me, Erik and Luke swam back up.

Everyone went back home by swimming. Jay was so puffed up because they swam so much. The flood kept going and going until it settled down. Jay went back inside the house to eat. Everyone had a splendid time. Till next time. The End   DSC 0039 DSC 0038 DSC 0037 DSC 0054    DSC 0040

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