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May 30, 2017 1 min to read

Pikachu attacks us

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This morning when Jay woke up he went to the calendar and saw it was training day. Jay totally forgot about it and didn’t train for it. But he knew that his Pokemon was strong, so he went anyway. When he got there he saw his two bests mates Erik and Luke. They got all their Pokemon out and started. The first two to battle was Erik and Jay. Jay chose Bidoof and Erik chose Bellsprout. Luke tossed a coin, it landed on heads which was Erik’s turn to attack. “Bellsprout use vine whip” Erik said. Now it was my turn “Bidoof dodge it and use tackle”. Erik said “Bellsprout use poison powder to stop him from getting you”. “Oh no” Jay said. Luke said “Bidoof is unable to battle so Bellspourt wins”. Just then Jay, Erik and Luke saw some thing hiding behind a bush. Jay says “Look behind that bush. It looks like a whole heap of Pikachu’s”. “Yeah it does, but why is it staring at us” said Luke. “Guys, I think we should run. They are going to thunder shock us” said Erik. Everyone ran away but they weren’t fast, so everyone got shocked. “That’s it I’m going to attack you back. Frokie came out and use double team, then hydro pump” said Jay. Or the Pikachu’s run away but they still got attacked. Jay, Erik and Luke went back home because the time they were done with the Pikachu’s it was night. So they all went home. The EndDSC 0192

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