Pokemon Marathon

April 20, 2019 3 min to read

The Pokemon Marathon

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Today the Family of Jayden has decided to go to the Pokemon Marathon. Jayden has decided to enter and so has Jay and Amy, Olivia and the twins decided not to enter and plus they are not allowed.

” I am so ready to win this race. There is no way I am going to lose! I and Mawille have trained every day for this,” I tell them.

” Are you sure about that I think me and Gliglar are off the roof!” Screams Jay.

” Ah, are you forgetting about me and Cherubi. We have also been training for this you know,” tells Amy.

” All man, I wish I could enter the Marathon like you guys,” says Ben and Holly together.

” Don’t worry your not the alone. I decided not to go and knowing you two you will be wandering off somewhere,” Olivia tells them.

They set off to the city hall where it is located. They saw a lot of people there and saw some friends like. Cooper, Matthew and much more.

” Welcome to the Pokemon Marathon. I am your host, Professor Rang. Now settle down, settle down. Now here are the rules, you and your Pokemon will need to cross to the finish line. There are obstacles that you may encounter and this is a 10 km race. There will be always water along the way. Have fun and enjoy the race. Remember the prize is an egg. Are you ready!”

“Yes!” Shouts everyone.

“3.2.1 Go!”

Everyone runs. I bring out Mawille. The first obstacle was the jumping balloons. People got out easily by going on it. I and Mawille do this as quick as we can so we wouldn’t fall down. We manage to make it. Up ahead there are pokemon trainers and one of them looks like Olivia, Ben & Holly.

“Suprise!” They say.

“Looks like you are going down,” says Ben.

I manage to defeat them and get past them. Then we have a big problem. Someone has broken the bridge to get to the other side.

“Oh, no what now?” says someone in the crowd.

Luckily I think of a good plan. I bring out Hawlucha. Mawille goes on top of Hawlucha and they both go to the other side. They fix up the bridge and we go through. I get some pokemon treats out of my bag.

“Here you guys go you deserve it,” I say to Mawille and Hawlucha.

They both munch on it. We quickly get back into the race when Team Rocket stops us.

“Team Rocket! I don’t have a Pikachu so let me be,” I say.

“We don’t want a Pikachu we want to stop you from winning the race!” Says Jessie.

“I won’t let that happen,” I say.

“Onix come out!” James shouts.

Before anything happens I quickly sneak away. I use some of my gas booms and run to the next obstacle.

“Hey where did he go?” says James.

They all start crying.

This obstacle is all about balancing. Luckily for us, we practice a lot. I can see the finish line and I am coming first, but then rock stops my way. This must be one of the obstacles. I think to my self. I use Mawille,

“Mawille use poison fang on the rock!” I say.

Mawille does it and we come 2nd?? Amy came first. Oh, bugger.

“Good works, I was waiting for a long time,” she says.

“I caught up with team rocket that is probably why, where is everyone else?” I ask.

“They got out or stuck,” Amy replied.

2 hours later…

The winner is Am- oh wait looks like we have a new winner Jayden! for helping everyone get across the bridge!”



I receive my Egg and it starts to move. Professor Rang congrats me and so does the family and friends. We all walk back home.

What a day it has been, and can’t wait for the days to come.

To be continued…

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