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Paladins Rank
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Paladins Ranked

Paladins RANKED- Journey into the battle to be the best player there is! Play together in parties and destroy the opponents. Play in the best quality with competitive players. Start by playing 5 matches of ranked, then get sorted into either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master or the highest rank Grandmaster! My journey so …

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Scratch is a website platform that let’s you interact with the coding world! It allows you to interact with block-base visual programming which makes it easier for people like me to understand in a clear way! On Scratch you can make cool projects using the coding blocks and view other peoples work! If you would …

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Paladins Gameplay

Paladins is a first and third person hero fighter, that is fighting for the realm. Each champion is categories by their talents. There are Damages, Front Lines, Flanks and Support. A good team will have all four of these categories and they work great together. In the video below i’m playing Paladins with a champion …

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Xiaomi Band 3 Review

This Xiaomi Band 3 was a present from my dad for my birthday. It has a lot of features including steps, heart rate, weather and notifications from the connected device you are using. You can also put reminders using the Mi-Fit app. It has a 50m water resistance meaning that you can take showers using …