jaydentran me iceskating

December 30, 2016 0 min to read


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On the 29th of December 2016, it was a very hot day so my family and some friends went ice skating at the Liverpool Catholic Sports Center. When we arrived we had to wait for our friends. When they arrived we got our skates and our friends needed penguins to balance. The penguins are black, white, it has a bow and three buttons. When I got on the ice I needed some help from my parents. Then I ice skated with one feet then I used two feet and went faster by looking at how other people skated, I skated all by my self. I saw lots of people skating really fast even a little boy was going so fast. I kept practicing for a very long time. Then I went to dinner at Cabramatta, Loving Hut. I did not feel well at Loving Hut so I urged my mum to go home. I had a headache and tummy ache. I still had a wonderful time.

jaydentran me iceskating
Ice skating all by myself


jaydentran iceskating
Ice skating with my dad and Olivia

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